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Securing your heating needs for the 2015/16 heating season is more important than ever before. Shortages industry wide this past winter left many people scrambling for heating needs that were hard to find.


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Hamer’s Hot Ones -  Price /Ton 

April & May

Early Buy Pricing - $299/Ton

Grade: Super Premium Hardwood Pellet

Hamer Pellet Fuel Co. makes pellet fuel from clean sawdust, much of which comes from their own lumber operations in the heart of the Appalachian Region of the United States in West Virginia. Hamer is the oldest residential pellet manufacturer in the Eastern United States and know how to provide quality pellets consistently. Hamer is 100% Hardwood. They are an extremely low ash pellet with high heat, that is why they call them the “HOT ONES!”

Maine Woods  - Orig. Price /Ton. 

April & May

Early Buy Pricing - $285/Ton

Grade: Premium Hardwood/Softwood Blend Pellet

A premium wood pellet has no additives like glue or other adhesives.
We offer premium hardwood blend pellets from Maine Woods Pellet Company, located in Athens, Maine. This pellet is a blend of approximately 65% hardwood and 35% softwood. The raw materials for these pellets come from sustainable woodlands that are owned and managed by certified Master Loggers.

 Heat Value:8400 btu Ash Content <1%


Energex  American  - Orig. Price /ton 

Not Available at this Time

Grade: Premium Hardwood Pellet

Less than 1% Ash

Energex manufactures the highest quality fuel with the most reliable service in the industry. Our Residential Pellets are made from 100% natural wood sawdust with no additives and no bark using a state-of-the-art process control system and packaging facility.



Orig Price /ton 

Orig Price  / 55 Bags 

April & May 

Early Buy Price - $305/ton      $325/ (55 bags / Metric ton) 

(55 Bags per Skid ~ 2200 Pounds)

Grade: Super Premium Hardwood Pellet

  • Exceptional quality & consistency,
  • Made from clean dry wood shavings & sawdust,
  • Only dry hardwood used: maple, oak, hickory,
    walnut, etc…,
  • Independently tested periodically by certified
    testing facilities,
  • Superior low ash content due to quality of the
    raw material,
  • Extremely efficient, clean burning, high heat, and low
  • Very low moisture will make for higher BTU,
  • No wood used from forest chipping operations, nor
    bark or sawdust from sawmills.